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Micro Channel Cooled Horizontal Stack AM series diode laser

Short Description:

Power: 200W/Bar
AuSn Packaging
Low package height
Horizontal/Vertical stacking

Product Detail

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The power of AM series diode laser is up to 200W / bar. The working life, environmental adaptability and storage time of semiconductor lasers are greatly improved.

AM series diode laser adopts hard solder AuSn and heat sink material with matching thermal expansion coefficient, which effectively avoids the defects of indium such as thermal fatigue, electrothermal migration, and oxidation. At present, the power output of this series of products will be upgraded to 250W / bar, and the packaging height of a single bar will be reduced to 2.38mm..

Main Features

Power: 200W/Bar
AuSn Packaging
Low package height
Horizontal/Vertical stacking

Industrial Processing

Instructions for use:

- Avoid eye and skin exposure to direct radiation during operation.
- ESD precautions must be taken during storage, transportation and operation.
- Short-circuit is required between pins during storage and transportation.
- Use constant current power supply to avoid surge current during operation.
- Laser diode must be used according to the specifications.
- Laser diode must work with good cooling.
- Operation temperature ranges from 20℃ to 30℃ .
- Storage temperature ranges from 0℃ to +55℃.
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Piece/Pieces
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 100,000/year

Specifications ( 25°C ) Unit E2Y-940.3-200C-H03.1(3×1)
Minimum Typical Maximum
Optical Data ⑴ Working Mode . cw
Central Wavelength nm 940±3
Output Power Per Bar W/bar 200 220
Bar Numbers pcs 3
Bandwidth(FWHM) nm 3 5
Fast Axis Divergence with FAC (90% power) mrad 8 10
Slow Axis Divergence (95% power) deg 7.5 9
Electrical Data Threshold Current A 23 28
Operating Current A 205 215
Operating Voltage V/bar 1.6 1.8
Slope W/A 3.0 3.1
Efficiency % 55 60
Bar Specification Number of Emitters pcs 25
Emitter Width μm 200
Emitter Pitch μm 400
Filling Factor % 50
Others Pressure bar <5
Flow Rate L/min/bar 0.25-0.33
Cooling Water Temperature(3) °C 25
Cooling Water Specification / Deionized water 2.5±0.5μS/cm,pH-value 5.5- 8,filter<5μm

(1) Data measured under operation at nominal output power @25°C.
(2) A non-condensing environment is required for operation and storage.
(3) Operating temperature defined by the package case. Acceptable operating range is 20°C-30°C,but performance may vary.
(4) The data above are for reference only. For specific data, please refer to the delivery package data.
(5) Other wavelengths and configurations on customer request.

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