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Enterprise Culture

Global Leader In Laser Solutions

BWT, founded in 2003, is committed to the mission of "Let the dream drive the light", the vision of becoming the "Global leader in laser solutions, and the value of "Outstanding innovation", providing Diode laser, Fiber laser, Ultra-fast laser products and solutions to global customers.

The company has always been pursuing continuous innovation and insisted on autonomous and controllable advanced process and technology since its establishment. By taking Beijing head office as the core, BWT has successively established production and R&D centers in Jiangsu, Shanghai and Shenzhen, and invested in the construction of intelligent and digital production base in Tianjin. In order to build the world's highest level of technical strength and product quality, BWT set up a German subsidiary in 2020, introducing European quality standards, and taking a solid step for the internationalization of R&D, production and technological innovation.


So far, BWT has gradually developed into one of leading enterprises in the world in terms of laser solution with products distributed to more than 70 countries and regions worldwide. Up to now, BWT has traded more than 10 million lasers worldwide with application scope covering such fields as industrial application, medical treatment, scientific research and IT. This has brought forth unprecedented changes to improvement of industrial development and customer values.

Corporate History

  • In 2003
    ● BWT was established in Fengtai Park, Zhongguancun Science and Technology Park, and established a 300-square-meter ultra-clean workshop.
  • In 2004
    ● The first generation of 830nm laser products entered the printing market.
  • In 2005
    ● Provided 1,000 medical lasers in batches to American medical customers.
  • In 2008
    ● BWT establishes a COS packaging production line; provides lasers for the Olympic laser display project.
  • In 2010
    ● A total of more than 100,000 diode lasers have been exported to the European and American laser medical markets.
  • In 2011
    ● BWT launches 9xxnm 105um 70W series diode pumped lasers
  • In 2014
    ● Won the "Annual Innovative Product" and "Annual Laboratory Recommended Brand" in the 2013 China Optics Excellent Product Selection
  • In 2017
    ● BWT established the Fiber and Ultrafast Laser Division in Tianjin
  • In 2018
    ● BWT launches New BeamTM series of high-power and high-brightness semiconductor lasers
  • In 2020
    ● BWT established a German subsidiary;
    ● BWT was approved as a post-doctoral research station
  • Corporate History

    Company Mission

    Let the dream drive the light.

    Company Vision

    Global leader in laser solutions

    Company Value

    Outstanding innovation

    Team Display

    CEO Xiaohua Chen

    PhD, Tsinghua University
    MBA, Tsinghua University
    Outstanding Graduate and Professor-level Senior Engineer of Tsinghua University
    National "10,000 people plan" leading talents.
    2022 Winter Olympics Torchbearer

    As the doctor of Precision Instrument Department, MBA of School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University as well as professor-level senior engineer, he was once honored as excellent graduates of Tsinghua University and excellent talents of “Fengze Program” of Fengtai District, Beijing. Furthermore, he once acted as the leader of research project group of “Technologies on Efficient Laser Pump Source”, the National 863 Program as well as principal of topics on numerous national key R&D programs. He is in possession of dozens of Chinese and foreign patents. In 2019, BWT was selected as one of first batch of Specialized, elaborative, characteristic and innovative “Little Giant Enterprises” that released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China (one of the five innovative enterprises in Beijing) under his leadership.

    Previously, he once took office in Sumitomo Electric Industries (China), acting as engineer and department manager of Technical Service Department successively.Also, he once acted as Deputy General Manager of GTRAN (China). In 2003, he established BWT, and acted as Chairman of Board and General Manager.

    VP Doctor Cao

    VP Doctor Cao Bolin

    Doctor of Xi’an Jiaotong University
    Post Doctor of Queen's University Belfast

    As the doctor of Automatic Control of Xi’an Jiaotong University and post doctor of Queen's University Belfast, he has been listed into national top talent program and overseas talents program. Presently, he is in charge of R&D of high-power fiber laser control system based on 10000W fiber laser system as successively developed.

    MD Dr. Marcel Marchiano

    Prof. Dr. University of La Plata(UNLP )

    As the doctor of University of La Plata(UNLP ), Marcel Marchiano is the founder of Dilas Company in Germany. Dilas has been developed into a world top diode laser company under his leadership. Following merger of Dilas with Cherent, he began to act as vice president of Coherent to take full charge of diode laser business of the company. Presently, he acts as CEO of BWT (Germany) to take charge of expansion of European market.

    MD Dr.Marcel

    MD Dr. Jens Biesenbach

    Dr. RWTH Aachen University

    As the doctor of RWTH Aachen University, Jens Biesenbach has acted as CTO at Dilas for years, and has maintained technical advantages of Dilas in diode laser domain for a long period of time. Following merger of Dilas with Cherent, he once acted as R&D Director at Coherent. Presently, he acts as General Manager of BWT Laser Europe to take charge of R&D of relevant technologies on bar stacks for diode laser.


    MD Dr. Jens

    Enterprise Honor

    BWT has won almost all prizes for diode laser products in chinese photoelectric sector, and has been frequently accredited with technological innovation prizes.

    BWT was selected as one of the first batches of specialized, elaborative, characteristic, and innovative “Little Giant Enterprises” that was released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China in 2019, with only 5 enterprises in Beijing that were selected.

    December, 2020, BWT was approved as a post-doctoral research station.

    May 2021, BWT was successfully selected into the list of national-level Specialized, High-grade, Precision,and Advanced “Little Giant” enterprises